Friday, 11 December 2009

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Cripes, I haven't blogged in so long that it seems some DJ fellow's Tweets are being posted on here, and all the settings are in German. I've had a fiddle and it's back to good ol' English but do not know what to tell you about this Twitter business. Becky, that's one for you.

Anyway. Obviously been a right old couple of Slack Albus's (to coin a phrase, go oooon, use it) on the craft front. To the extent that we sacked off an appearance at the craft fair last weekend, bad eggs. But we will be making an appearance this weekend where we will be showcasing some Christmas delights, including felty baubles, glittery cupcakes and a shit load of buttons.

To quickly recap the main events of the last 2 months:
1) Went to NY. It was good and that.
2) Fuckin' love Jedward dunni.
3) Actual craft related event - got a special request for 16 flamingo rings for an school friend. We're in business, huzzah!
4) New Moon, New Moon, New Moon.
5) Turned 24. Mid twenties: boo hiss.
6) I have officially snogged Har Mar Superstar. As has Becky. And Ginny.
7) I'm about a 6/10 on the excitement for Christmas scale.

That is about it. I will probably do a 'craft fair special' blog next week. Could really have waited for that as this is, once again, a bit of a waste of time.

As an excellent man on Living's 'Four Weddings' once said: "Up your bum and down your trousers... Loves ya!" Never was a truer word spoken.

Soph xxxx

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