Friday, 11 December 2009

Das Blog

Cripes, I haven't blogged in so long that it seems some DJ fellow's Tweets are being posted on here, and all the settings are in German. I've had a fiddle and it's back to good ol' English but do not know what to tell you about this Twitter business. Becky, that's one for you.

Anyway. Obviously been a right old couple of Slack Albus's (to coin a phrase, go oooon, use it) on the craft front. To the extent that we sacked off an appearance at the craft fair last weekend, bad eggs. But we will be making an appearance this weekend where we will be showcasing some Christmas delights, including felty baubles, glittery cupcakes and a shit load of buttons.

To quickly recap the main events of the last 2 months:
1) Went to NY. It was good and that.
2) Fuckin' love Jedward dunni.
3) Actual craft related event - got a special request for 16 flamingo rings for an school friend. We're in business, huzzah!
4) New Moon, New Moon, New Moon.
5) Turned 24. Mid twenties: boo hiss.
6) I have officially snogged Har Mar Superstar. As has Becky. And Ginny.
7) I'm about a 6/10 on the excitement for Christmas scale.

That is about it. I will probably do a 'craft fair special' blog next week. Could really have waited for that as this is, once again, a bit of a waste of time.

As an excellent man on Living's 'Four Weddings' once said: "Up your bum and down your trousers... Loves ya!" Never was a truer word spoken.

Soph xxxx

Friday, 23 October 2009

When in doubt... BLOG


I have been a bit slack on the blogging front. I'm a bit of a whim whore.

I am at work, and I usually finish at 3.30 on Fridays. Which is nice. However, as I am a rubbish non-driver, I am stuck here til 4.45 when the "normal" people leave. This has left me with well over an hour of actual, official procrastination at work! But now that it's all allowed and shit... I don't know what to do with myself. I watched some South Park, changed my Facebook picture and text Becky. Now I thought I'd do a blog. It's not very interesting is it.

In terms of craft, I've not done much... but that is because all my previous crafting gave me eye strain. Dr Norman assures me my vision is still brill so no glasses. I'm holding out for a monacle as the strain is only in one eye. Watch this space.

But back to craft, I've done a couple of Russian doll keyrings, a rose corsage for my lapel and a little snowman in a waistcoat. The snowman is for my Nan. She likes this sort of thing. Happy birthday Thelma.

Anyway, I'll wrap this up now. I'm sure it is as depressing to read as it was to write. If this blog was a colour, it would be grey.


S x (only one kiss)

Thursday, 15 October 2009

so many ideas so little time!

Why is it that ideas flow quicker than can be executed? It's most annoying. My head is full of awesome ideas for little bits of jewellery brilliance but at the moment I'm just getting very little done.

Currently I am working on a set of bibs for my cousins fiance's baby shower next saturday. I'm doing 6, there are three different designs. Tattoo influenced baby wear is too cool.... isn't it? One bib has a skull and cross bones on it with mummy and daddy text banners, one is an anchor with "hungry baby" emblazoned on a banner and the other is two sailor jerry style swallows (like mine!). I hope they go down well.

While it's great embroidering these I also need to finish a few very special top secret projects for friends (and when i say "finish" I mean "Start")

Then next Saturday is another craft fayre at the Oakford in Reading so I have quite a bit to do for that. I have 5 gold chains that need pendants of some kind, two silver charm bracelets that lack any charms, a pair of bare cufflinks and a charmless phone charm. I really have lots of work to do! I figure I may as well make some more cupcakes for it as well as they went down such a treat last time. Ideas for flavours on a postcard please...

Sophie is currently knocking out some Russian Doll keyrings that I imagine will be just a lovely as the badges and she had an enquiry last week about our flamingo rings! Someone wants to buy 16 of them. The materials are winging their way to soph and then we'll be covered in pink glitter for the forseeable future. Hooray.

For anyone wondering, an esty shop is on our horizons but while we busy ourselves with the fayre next Sunday we'll aslo be packing our bags for a trip to NY to support one of our biggest fans (and very close friend) who is running the NYC marathon. So once we get back from that I'm sure we'll get on setting up our shop. Soph will be in the USA for a week and I'll be there for about 2 and a half weeks, scouring NY to Texas for wicked souveniers and inspiration! (I hope to buy some beat up denim, a cowboy hat and cowboy boots in Dallas. How cool am i!?)

So this has been me, checking in with the blog to try and spur myself on to do some work before I jet off on some adventures.

Much Love



Monday, 5 October 2009

Hold me closer tiny crafter...

Yesterday we showcased our crafty goodness for the very first time at Welcome to the Jumble, at the Oakford Social Club in Reading.

Fun! Met lots of nice people and managed to sell a few bits and pieces, mainly Becky’s beyond delicious (to the extent they actually hurt my mouth a bit) ice cream cupcakes. I also bid a fond farewell to one of my very first crafted items: the cheeky swallow felt brooch. The flamingos went down a storm so we’ll definitely be cracking out some more of them glittery bad boys. We also sold the peacock, a wicked gold sequinned T-Rex, a crabalicious ring and 2 of Becky’s shrinkle creations: the pigeon and British bulldog. ENGLAND!

We managed to scrape together £23.83p in total (no idea where the random 83p came from. I suspect my adding up is a bit bogus - ha, bogus). This will go into the craft fund so we can buy more glue and shiz. Good times.

However, I managed to spend this amount again on vintage clothes and extortionately priced orange juice. So I'm still way in the minus, craft-wise. Damn my loose purse strings.

Still, all in all, a very good day and lots of support from our closest chums. Cheers Ina!

S xxxxxx

Monday, 28 September 2009

Roll Up, Roll Up!

So our first craft fayre is upon us! Sunday 11-5 at The Oakford Social Club in Reading. Our collection is taking shape slowly but surely. We've battled killer hangovers to produce a plethora of goodies! Necklaces, earrings, rings, hairclips, brooches, keyrings, paintings, cross stitches and on Saturday we'll also be whipping up a batch of ice cream cup cakes. mmmm mmm. Hopefully they'll entice customers over. Right, enough chit chat. Here's a selection of what we have so far....

Transparent Glittery Stag Necklace

Maaawaaaaar - Sequinny Peacock Brooch

Glittery Pink Hummingbird Ring

Glittery Coral Bunny Ring

Awooooo - Glittery Howling Wolf Ring

Babooshka Babooshka Babooshka - Russian Dolly Brooch

Dill the Canary - Hair Clip

Rawrrrr -Chintzy Triceratops Brooch

Double Raaaawrrrrr - Chintzy Diplodocus Brooch

Tweet Tweet - Blue Tit Brooch

Twit Twooooo - Acrylic on Canvas

Suave Swallow Brooch

Canadian Goose Brooch - Ay

Glittery Flamingo Ring (we have baby flamingo earrings too!)

BFF's felty keyrings

Hope you like....

Thursday, 24 September 2009

STOP! In the name of craft...

Hey cats

Although I’ve been quiet on the blogging front, I haven’t been gathering slack when it comes to crafting (unlike some I’m too polite to mention… BECKY)
Haha, only kidding – Becky has a social life and I don’t so I’ve been hammering out enough craft for the both of us.

I gave the shrinkles a second chance. This time, I just cut them in to the shapes I wanted, stuck them in the oven, and then dealt with applying colour afterwards. I made some hot pink glittery flamingos; one big for a brooch and 2 little ones for earrings. Did the same thing again but with gold squirrels. Since doing this, and carting them round in my handbag to show people my genius at every available opportunity, most of the glitter has fallen off… But I now have some varnish so I will restore them to their original glittery splendour and seal it (without a kiss) forever and ever. Glaaaazed – my fravourite.

I’ve also spent many an evening sewing two little Russian doll brooches. Frequented the local market to pick up some suitably chintzy material for this. I am fast learning that craft is an expensive game! Between the both of us, Becky and I have spent well over £100 on this already… good job I love craft so bloody much. One of the dolls is proudly displayed on my new bag (OK so I spend my money on non-craft items too…). The other one is awaiting a pin and will soon be equally proudly displayed on my Becky.

Finally – my bestest idea EVER. Chintzy dinosaurs!! Cut a dinosaur shape out of ditsy print material, stuff it with whatever is lying around (in my case I embraced my fear of cotton wool) and voila! Dinosaur brooch – the height of geeky fashion. Knocked out my first little fella last night, whilst watching Jurassic Park (naturally). So now I’m sat at work (blogging on the sneak), with Jeff the diplodocus snuggled warmly on my bosom. Jeff you ask? In dedication to Jeff Goldblum of course!

Tonight I’ve given myself the task of making some glittery dino rings for myself and the missus. At the weekend we’re gonna hit the craft hard and take lots of lovely pictures to show what we’ve been up to.

As for that Becky character, last I heard she got as far as "I Am The Walp" before hanging up her needle and getting busy with life. Life…. Pah!
Lots of lub,
S xxxxx

Thursday, 17 September 2009

pick up the pace...

Oh no I seem to be quite drastically falling behind in my crafting!

On Friday I started a cross stitch sample, an ode to The Beatles. It simply says "I AM THE WALRUS". Except, it doesn't. Because I haven't physically had the time to go back to it which I am most upset about as I want to get cracking on a broken heart best/friends set of brooches or keyrings.

I started crafting again because i didn't have a great deal to do, filling the void with something fun and useful. But now i've got incredibly busy all of a sudden and I miss sitting in front of the telly with a cup of tea and a pile of threads and materials on my lap.

Monday night I scooted off to Kings College student union in London to see Andrew WK. I last saw him when I was 17 at Reading Festival and i was immediately transported back in time. It was awesome, jumped straight in the mosh pit and thrashed around for a bit. What a mistake. Evidently I am too old for this. I lost a shoe about 2 songs in so had to retreat to the back with my old woman tail between my legs. Then i missed my train home looking for it. Had to get the first one back at the crack of dawn to make it to work in time - in a pair of mens size 10 plimpsoles. I looked like a spanner! So Tuesday night I was far too pooped to craft and then last night i had to bake a batch of cupcakes for work and have a bit of a Patrick Swayze tribute eve. Now all i want to do is curl up in my PJ's and make pretty things. What has happened to me?

Tonight I shall craft, craft up a storm I tell you! Then this weekend I'm off to LDN for a bit of Aberstwyth reunion. I think I will take a big handbag so i can take some bits and bobs to do on trains and such. I hope my old uni pals are up for a pilgrimage to Leicester Sq, I aim to pay my respects to P-Sway at his handprints there.

Right, wish me luck in getting back on the craft wagon. I really need it. My dedication seems to be waning in favour of being a lady about town. This will never do!


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Worst day

I'll be crying in to my craft tonight...

RIP P-Sway and K-Flo. Two great men.

Me and Becky were lucky enough to achieve our life's ambition of meeting Patrick but unfortunately never got to enjoy a glass of vin rouge with Floyd. Expect some dedication craft.

Take the train.

S xxxx

Monday, 14 September 2009

All talk and no pyjamas

After much discussion and hype, I have finally produced some real life craft!

Firstly, I spent a bangin' Friday night sewing a felt Canadian goose whilst Becky continued work on (what is fast becoming an epic) the 'I Am The Walrus' cross stitch. This was inspired by last week's re-mastered Beatles albums hootenanny on BBC (we watched Help! while crafting: crazy shit and I now fancy all The Beatles - except Ringo obv..)

So the Canadian goose is now all finished and is the beginning of a range of bird brooches that will eventually include flamingos and swallows. Becky has already done a lovely little blue tit brooch and I have attached a couple of pics to highlight our "artistic genius".

Saturday was Holli's (2)4th Birthday Bonanza, featuring face painting, a bouncy castle and the surprise formation of up and coming musical sensation The Rogan Brothers. Becky made some delicious ice cream cupcakes, which looked so amazingly ice cream-esque that several party-goers were fooled into thinking they were magical non-melting ice creams... (shout out to Mrs & Mrs Bojangles super fan and freelance astronaut AL64)

I produced some hungover induced streaks of brilliance on Sunday - mainly a Russian Doll canvas with lots of bits of stuff stuck on it. Wickedo. Also - shrinkles are no longer my friend. Can't quite seem to figure out the best way to get colour on these - felt tips go streaky and paint goes all mental in the oven. But I shall persevere with this! Craft ahoy!

Muchos love,

S xxxx

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sexual foxes

Yes, further to Becky's post; I do indeed have some "faboosh" ideas...
Just spent a goddamn fortune on and am now eagerly anticipating the arrival of my new glue gun. If anyone needs any glue-ing - I'm your man!
Today, I have mainly been interested in the Canadian goose. I think a nice goosey badge would look reet good on my green coat (brooches make the oncoming Winter months less sad). I have printed off some nice pictures (fanks work printer - good for something) and will get sketching later on tonight.
Also, can't wait to get home from work to see if my Shrinkles have arrived! Cause if they have then I can finally get started on the much discussed sexy fox. Yes, I do have a strange affinity for foxes... and now glue guns. But not Canadian geese - that's purely platonic.
Anyway... I will keep you posted. It's quite likely that I will get in and fall asleep in front of Sex and the City (my replacement boyfriend for Big Brother) but I'm sure Becky will force me to actually make something on our next craft date (Friday night - party hard). If not, there's always those cupcakes! MMMMgood.

Love and shrinkles,

S (just like Gossip Girl...)

Love will tear us apart...

Now the sexy blue tit is all done and dusted I'm going to get started on a framed cross stitch tonight. Song lyrics are going to be the subject of choice! I'm thinking Joy Division, The Beatles or Lou Reed. Decisions decisions! I have some lovely paper to mount it on though. I'm excited to get started on it. Oh what a geek I am.

Another thing I'm going to make this weekend is some cupcakes! I have seen pics on the world wide web of cupcakes baked inside flat bottom ice cream cones. Well knock me down with a whisk, this is an amazing idea. Mine will have a flake unlike the ones above.... shoddy....I'll be baking them for my housemate and good friend Holli's birthday party on Saturday. She's 24 and feeling old so is having a 4th themed party complete with bouncy castle. I can't bloody wait. Better dig the sports bra out though or things will not be pretty. But what else does one wear to bounce? I'm stumped for ideas. I guess leggings or shorts are probably a must.
Me and Sophie have come up with some fab ideas. Soph will tell you all about hers but they are truly faboosh. The aforemention fox is sexy. Fo' sho'. Some of ideas are taking shape quicker than others because we're waiting on some materials but as soon as we have them we'll get cracking and post photos. You're in for a treat.
Expect pictures at the weekend of what we've done so far.
Over and out

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


I drew a fox.

Lots of love
Soph xxxxx

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tweet Tweet!

In homage to the marvellous service that is twitter I think I will call the blue tit I’m creating “TWEET!”. He will be the handsomest of blue tit brooches with plumage to die for just you wait and see!

Who knew twitter would be such an inspiration when it came to getting started with this. Previously I used it as a superb tool to stalk my favourite celebs like Rhys Darby and Phillip Schofield and announce every inane thought that came into my head – “I like gravy” “I want a new dress” etc etc. While the inane thoughts still flow freely I've found a huuuuuge community of crafters to follow who all advertise and sell their wares via the web. It’s such a massive boost to see people out there making awesome things and chatting about it via twitter. Awesome stuff. One of my favourites is particularly this… . Lovely. If you’re on twitter you can follow her @tempsec (thanks for the heads up Temp Sec - my bad!!)

Tonights plan is dinner>jog>crafting in front of "I love you man" with cups of tea, all with Soph. It's all go!



Monday, 7 September 2009

Inititial musings...

I've just started crafting with the intention of hammering out enough goods to get a table at a craft fair and to sell some wares on etsy. I've always been capable but I've also always been incredibly lazy... But now I seem to be stuck in a rut and I refuse to be defined by my run of the mill office job. So it's time to show the world what I can really do.

I've drafted in my equally capable best friend Sophie and together we intend to fill our lives with felt, embroidery thread and endless cups of tea interspersed with trash (motivational!) TV!

My inspiration thus far has been the guardians craft column (most notably the very cute Russian doll bookends!), Tatty Devines embroidery patterns , the resurgence in Sailor Jerry Tattoos, Taxidermy (yes taxidermy! mmmm), the countless websites devoted to subversive cross stitching and Brett Mckenzies jumpers (flight of the conchords).

The ideas are pouring out of our craft starved brains quicker than we can put them into action but so far stand out ideas include...

Wildlife brooches and key rings, best friends key rings, Russian dolls, decorative cross stitch samples (song lyrics and subversive phrases), ditsy picture frames and plant pots, original artworks on canvas, embroidered cushions and much more...

Our design objective is bold and beautiful, positively twee accessories and home wares. Retro fashions with modern influences. Most importantly they are going to be items we'd happily fill our homes and jewellery boxes with.

We can't wait to really get started and at the weekend I'll upload some photos of what we've completed so far and works in progress. One we've got a mini portfolio the time will come to start drumming up interest - fingers crossed there will be some! But if not, at least we'll be having fun!