Thursday, 15 October 2009

so many ideas so little time!

Why is it that ideas flow quicker than can be executed? It's most annoying. My head is full of awesome ideas for little bits of jewellery brilliance but at the moment I'm just getting very little done.

Currently I am working on a set of bibs for my cousins fiance's baby shower next saturday. I'm doing 6, there are three different designs. Tattoo influenced baby wear is too cool.... isn't it? One bib has a skull and cross bones on it with mummy and daddy text banners, one is an anchor with "hungry baby" emblazoned on a banner and the other is two sailor jerry style swallows (like mine!). I hope they go down well.

While it's great embroidering these I also need to finish a few very special top secret projects for friends (and when i say "finish" I mean "Start")

Then next Saturday is another craft fayre at the Oakford in Reading so I have quite a bit to do for that. I have 5 gold chains that need pendants of some kind, two silver charm bracelets that lack any charms, a pair of bare cufflinks and a charmless phone charm. I really have lots of work to do! I figure I may as well make some more cupcakes for it as well as they went down such a treat last time. Ideas for flavours on a postcard please...

Sophie is currently knocking out some Russian Doll keyrings that I imagine will be just a lovely as the badges and she had an enquiry last week about our flamingo rings! Someone wants to buy 16 of them. The materials are winging their way to soph and then we'll be covered in pink glitter for the forseeable future. Hooray.

For anyone wondering, an esty shop is on our horizons but while we busy ourselves with the fayre next Sunday we'll aslo be packing our bags for a trip to NY to support one of our biggest fans (and very close friend) who is running the NYC marathon. So once we get back from that I'm sure we'll get on setting up our shop. Soph will be in the USA for a week and I'll be there for about 2 and a half weeks, scouring NY to Texas for wicked souveniers and inspiration! (I hope to buy some beat up denim, a cowboy hat and cowboy boots in Dallas. How cool am i!?)

So this has been me, checking in with the blog to try and spur myself on to do some work before I jet off on some adventures.

Much Love



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