Monday, 5 October 2009

Hold me closer tiny crafter...

Yesterday we showcased our crafty goodness for the very first time at Welcome to the Jumble, at the Oakford Social Club in Reading.

Fun! Met lots of nice people and managed to sell a few bits and pieces, mainly Becky’s beyond delicious (to the extent they actually hurt my mouth a bit) ice cream cupcakes. I also bid a fond farewell to one of my very first crafted items: the cheeky swallow felt brooch. The flamingos went down a storm so we’ll definitely be cracking out some more of them glittery bad boys. We also sold the peacock, a wicked gold sequinned T-Rex, a crabalicious ring and 2 of Becky’s shrinkle creations: the pigeon and British bulldog. ENGLAND!

We managed to scrape together £23.83p in total (no idea where the random 83p came from. I suspect my adding up is a bit bogus - ha, bogus). This will go into the craft fund so we can buy more glue and shiz. Good times.

However, I managed to spend this amount again on vintage clothes and extortionately priced orange juice. So I'm still way in the minus, craft-wise. Damn my loose purse strings.

Still, all in all, a very good day and lots of support from our closest chums. Cheers Ina!

S xxxxxx

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  1. Welcome to the Jumble.... But Rumble in the Jumble sounds even better!