Monday, 28 September 2009

Roll Up, Roll Up!

So our first craft fayre is upon us! Sunday 11-5 at The Oakford Social Club in Reading. Our collection is taking shape slowly but surely. We've battled killer hangovers to produce a plethora of goodies! Necklaces, earrings, rings, hairclips, brooches, keyrings, paintings, cross stitches and on Saturday we'll also be whipping up a batch of ice cream cup cakes. mmmm mmm. Hopefully they'll entice customers over. Right, enough chit chat. Here's a selection of what we have so far....

Transparent Glittery Stag Necklace

Maaawaaaaar - Sequinny Peacock Brooch

Glittery Pink Hummingbird Ring

Glittery Coral Bunny Ring

Awooooo - Glittery Howling Wolf Ring

Babooshka Babooshka Babooshka - Russian Dolly Brooch

Dill the Canary - Hair Clip

Rawrrrr -Chintzy Triceratops Brooch

Double Raaaawrrrrr - Chintzy Diplodocus Brooch

Tweet Tweet - Blue Tit Brooch

Twit Twooooo - Acrylic on Canvas

Suave Swallow Brooch

Canadian Goose Brooch - Ay

Glittery Flamingo Ring (we have baby flamingo earrings too!)

BFF's felty keyrings

Hope you like....

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