Monday, 14 September 2009

All talk and no pyjamas

After much discussion and hype, I have finally produced some real life craft!

Firstly, I spent a bangin' Friday night sewing a felt Canadian goose whilst Becky continued work on (what is fast becoming an epic) the 'I Am The Walrus' cross stitch. This was inspired by last week's re-mastered Beatles albums hootenanny on BBC (we watched Help! while crafting: crazy shit and I now fancy all The Beatles - except Ringo obv..)

So the Canadian goose is now all finished and is the beginning of a range of bird brooches that will eventually include flamingos and swallows. Becky has already done a lovely little blue tit brooch and I have attached a couple of pics to highlight our "artistic genius".

Saturday was Holli's (2)4th Birthday Bonanza, featuring face painting, a bouncy castle and the surprise formation of up and coming musical sensation The Rogan Brothers. Becky made some delicious ice cream cupcakes, which looked so amazingly ice cream-esque that several party-goers were fooled into thinking they were magical non-melting ice creams... (shout out to Mrs & Mrs Bojangles super fan and freelance astronaut AL64)

I produced some hungover induced streaks of brilliance on Sunday - mainly a Russian Doll canvas with lots of bits of stuff stuck on it. Wickedo. Also - shrinkles are no longer my friend. Can't quite seem to figure out the best way to get colour on these - felt tips go streaky and paint goes all mental in the oven. But I shall persevere with this! Craft ahoy!

Muchos love,

S xxxx


  1. While mentioning my idiocy is greatly appreciated, can you remove my real name please, I'm wanted by many governments and drug cartels.

  2. Done and done. While I was at it I've plugged your availability as an astronaut. Watch the offers come flooding in.

  3. Hooray! Thanks for the advertising space, I hope some of The Bunch are in need of an astronaut.