Thursday, 17 September 2009

pick up the pace...

Oh no I seem to be quite drastically falling behind in my crafting!

On Friday I started a cross stitch sample, an ode to The Beatles. It simply says "I AM THE WALRUS". Except, it doesn't. Because I haven't physically had the time to go back to it which I am most upset about as I want to get cracking on a broken heart best/friends set of brooches or keyrings.

I started crafting again because i didn't have a great deal to do, filling the void with something fun and useful. But now i've got incredibly busy all of a sudden and I miss sitting in front of the telly with a cup of tea and a pile of threads and materials on my lap.

Monday night I scooted off to Kings College student union in London to see Andrew WK. I last saw him when I was 17 at Reading Festival and i was immediately transported back in time. It was awesome, jumped straight in the mosh pit and thrashed around for a bit. What a mistake. Evidently I am too old for this. I lost a shoe about 2 songs in so had to retreat to the back with my old woman tail between my legs. Then i missed my train home looking for it. Had to get the first one back at the crack of dawn to make it to work in time - in a pair of mens size 10 plimpsoles. I looked like a spanner! So Tuesday night I was far too pooped to craft and then last night i had to bake a batch of cupcakes for work and have a bit of a Patrick Swayze tribute eve. Now all i want to do is curl up in my PJ's and make pretty things. What has happened to me?

Tonight I shall craft, craft up a storm I tell you! Then this weekend I'm off to LDN for a bit of Aberstwyth reunion. I think I will take a big handbag so i can take some bits and bobs to do on trains and such. I hope my old uni pals are up for a pilgrimage to Leicester Sq, I aim to pay my respects to P-Sway at his handprints there.

Right, wish me luck in getting back on the craft wagon. I really need it. My dedication seems to be waning in favour of being a lady about town. This will never do!


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