Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tweet Tweet!

In homage to the marvellous service that is twitter I think I will call the blue tit I’m creating “TWEET!”. He will be the handsomest of blue tit brooches with plumage to die for just you wait and see!

Who knew twitter would be such an inspiration when it came to getting started with this. Previously I used it as a superb tool to stalk my favourite celebs like Rhys Darby and Phillip Schofield and announce every inane thought that came into my head – “I like gravy” “I want a new dress” etc etc. While the inane thoughts still flow freely I've found a huuuuuge community of crafters to follow who all advertise and sell their wares via the web. It’s such a massive boost to see people out there making awesome things and chatting about it via twitter. Awesome stuff. One of my favourites is http://temporarysecretary.bigcartel.com/ particularly this… http://temporarysecretary.bigcartel.com/product/amour-necklace . Lovely. If you’re on twitter you can follow her @tempsec (thanks for the heads up Temp Sec - my bad!!)

Tonights plan is dinner>jog>crafting in front of "I love you man" with cups of tea, all with Soph. It's all go!



1 comment:

  1. Hello lovely!

    Thank you for the shout out!
    Temporary:Secretary hearts Becky 4eva!!

    I hope we are hooked up on twitter!

    Keep blogging, I'll be reading - promise! xxx

    ps. just a heads up with our twitter name, it's @TempSec

    Thanks, supergirly xxxxxx