Monday, 7 September 2009

Inititial musings...

I've just started crafting with the intention of hammering out enough goods to get a table at a craft fair and to sell some wares on etsy. I've always been capable but I've also always been incredibly lazy... But now I seem to be stuck in a rut and I refuse to be defined by my run of the mill office job. So it's time to show the world what I can really do.

I've drafted in my equally capable best friend Sophie and together we intend to fill our lives with felt, embroidery thread and endless cups of tea interspersed with trash (motivational!) TV!

My inspiration thus far has been the guardians craft column (most notably the very cute Russian doll bookends!), Tatty Devines embroidery patterns , the resurgence in Sailor Jerry Tattoos, Taxidermy (yes taxidermy! mmmm), the countless websites devoted to subversive cross stitching and Brett Mckenzies jumpers (flight of the conchords).

The ideas are pouring out of our craft starved brains quicker than we can put them into action but so far stand out ideas include...

Wildlife brooches and key rings, best friends key rings, Russian dolls, decorative cross stitch samples (song lyrics and subversive phrases), ditsy picture frames and plant pots, original artworks on canvas, embroidered cushions and much more...

Our design objective is bold and beautiful, positively twee accessories and home wares. Retro fashions with modern influences. Most importantly they are going to be items we'd happily fill our homes and jewellery boxes with.

We can't wait to really get started and at the weekend I'll upload some photos of what we've completed so far and works in progress. One we've got a mini portfolio the time will come to start drumming up interest - fingers crossed there will be some! But if not, at least we'll be having fun!



  1. p.s I don't dislike my job, there's just an awful lot more to me!


  2. Run of the mill office job??

    You answer the phones Becky!!

    The phones!