Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sexual foxes

Yes, further to Becky's post; I do indeed have some "faboosh" ideas...
Just spent a goddamn fortune on and am now eagerly anticipating the arrival of my new glue gun. If anyone needs any glue-ing - I'm your man!
Today, I have mainly been interested in the Canadian goose. I think a nice goosey badge would look reet good on my green coat (brooches make the oncoming Winter months less sad). I have printed off some nice pictures (fanks work printer - good for something) and will get sketching later on tonight.
Also, can't wait to get home from work to see if my Shrinkles have arrived! Cause if they have then I can finally get started on the much discussed sexy fox. Yes, I do have a strange affinity for foxes... and now glue guns. But not Canadian geese - that's purely platonic.
Anyway... I will keep you posted. It's quite likely that I will get in and fall asleep in front of Sex and the City (my replacement boyfriend for Big Brother) but I'm sure Becky will force me to actually make something on our next craft date (Friday night - party hard). If not, there's always those cupcakes! MMMMgood.

Love and shrinkles,

S (just like Gossip Girl...)

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