Thursday, 24 September 2009

STOP! In the name of craft...

Hey cats

Although I’ve been quiet on the blogging front, I haven’t been gathering slack when it comes to crafting (unlike some I’m too polite to mention… BECKY)
Haha, only kidding – Becky has a social life and I don’t so I’ve been hammering out enough craft for the both of us.

I gave the shrinkles a second chance. This time, I just cut them in to the shapes I wanted, stuck them in the oven, and then dealt with applying colour afterwards. I made some hot pink glittery flamingos; one big for a brooch and 2 little ones for earrings. Did the same thing again but with gold squirrels. Since doing this, and carting them round in my handbag to show people my genius at every available opportunity, most of the glitter has fallen off… But I now have some varnish so I will restore them to their original glittery splendour and seal it (without a kiss) forever and ever. Glaaaazed – my fravourite.

I’ve also spent many an evening sewing two little Russian doll brooches. Frequented the local market to pick up some suitably chintzy material for this. I am fast learning that craft is an expensive game! Between the both of us, Becky and I have spent well over £100 on this already… good job I love craft so bloody much. One of the dolls is proudly displayed on my new bag (OK so I spend my money on non-craft items too…). The other one is awaiting a pin and will soon be equally proudly displayed on my Becky.

Finally – my bestest idea EVER. Chintzy dinosaurs!! Cut a dinosaur shape out of ditsy print material, stuff it with whatever is lying around (in my case I embraced my fear of cotton wool) and voila! Dinosaur brooch – the height of geeky fashion. Knocked out my first little fella last night, whilst watching Jurassic Park (naturally). So now I’m sat at work (blogging on the sneak), with Jeff the diplodocus snuggled warmly on my bosom. Jeff you ask? In dedication to Jeff Goldblum of course!

Tonight I’ve given myself the task of making some glittery dino rings for myself and the missus. At the weekend we’re gonna hit the craft hard and take lots of lovely pictures to show what we’ve been up to.

As for that Becky character, last I heard she got as far as "I Am The Walp" before hanging up her needle and getting busy with life. Life…. Pah!
Lots of lub,
S xxxxx

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