Thursday, 10 September 2009

Love will tear us apart...

Now the sexy blue tit is all done and dusted I'm going to get started on a framed cross stitch tonight. Song lyrics are going to be the subject of choice! I'm thinking Joy Division, The Beatles or Lou Reed. Decisions decisions! I have some lovely paper to mount it on though. I'm excited to get started on it. Oh what a geek I am.

Another thing I'm going to make this weekend is some cupcakes! I have seen pics on the world wide web of cupcakes baked inside flat bottom ice cream cones. Well knock me down with a whisk, this is an amazing idea. Mine will have a flake unlike the ones above.... shoddy....I'll be baking them for my housemate and good friend Holli's birthday party on Saturday. She's 24 and feeling old so is having a 4th themed party complete with bouncy castle. I can't bloody wait. Better dig the sports bra out though or things will not be pretty. But what else does one wear to bounce? I'm stumped for ideas. I guess leggings or shorts are probably a must.
Me and Sophie have come up with some fab ideas. Soph will tell you all about hers but they are truly faboosh. The aforemention fox is sexy. Fo' sho'. Some of ideas are taking shape quicker than others because we're waiting on some materials but as soon as we have them we'll get cracking and post photos. You're in for a treat.
Expect pictures at the weekend of what we've done so far.
Over and out

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  1. You'll have to teach me how to put pictures on here - I appear to be technologically challenged.